• Aquacultured corals

    Find colorful corals for your reef tank - 100 % aquacultured and thus already adapted to the conditions in your aquarium.

  • You can´t decide?

    Then maybe one of our coral packages is just right for you! For the beginning we recommend our starter packages.

  • every week new WYSIWYG corals

    WYSIWYG is the acronym for What You See Is What You Get. Coral frags of the same kind can sometimes differ in shape and color from each other. The WYSIWYG principle avoids this problem. All animals that in the WYSIWYG category are individually photographed by us and uploaded in the shop as unique "products". In that way you can be sure that you get exactly the coral delivered to your home, which you can see in the picture on your display.


aquacultured marine life

You are looking for new inhabitants for your saltwater aquarium? Then you are in the right place! We offer you a large selection of different corals and fish, take care for a safe express shipping and provide you with tips for succesful husbandry and care. Enjoy browsing in our shop!

Healthy fish and corals
- available at Coralaxy

We care for the health of your future reef tank inhabitants. In our 20,000 liter aquaculture facility, we have a separate quarantine area. Before sale, all animals are thoroughly examined for diseases and parasites.


By purchasing captive-bred fish and cultured corals, the natural stocks will be protected. In addition, the transport routes of aquacultured organisms are much shorter.


Aquacultured fish and corals are more resistant and tolerant of changes as they are already used to the typical conditions in saltwater aquariums.


Less disease and parasite infestation in aquacultured corals and fish! The reasons are: lack of intermediate hosts, quarantine and effective water treatment.

Easy to feed

Captive-bred fish are much more easy to feed and less territorial compared to their wild counterparts. They are already acclimatized to frozen and dry food.

new products


new products


  • 60 Liters +
    Aquaculture US
    44,90 € Incl. 19% VAT. Plus. Shipping
    Overnight Express
  • 60 Liters +
    Aquaculture US
    44,90 € Incl. 19% VAT. Plus. Shipping
    Lieferung: 3 bis 6 Wochen
  • from 500 Liter
    Aquaculture US
    39,90 € Incl. 19% VAT. Plus. Shipping
    Lieferung: 3 bis 6 Wochen
  • 300 Liters +
    Aquaculture US
    54,90 € Incl. 19% VAT. Plus. Shipping
    Overnight Express

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Where do your corals and fish actually come from?

Learn more about it!


We display our production conditions and trade relations in a transparent and comprehensible manner. In that way you know exactly where your ordered fish and corals come from.


At Coralaxy, all fish and corals undergo quarantine for at least four weeks prior to breeding or sale to prevent disease and parasite infections.


Professional packaging and careful shipping: We work with certified logistics companies and ensure direct, short transport routes.


Due to closed recirculation aquaculture systems, low stocking densities and water treatment options, our land-based aquaculture of marine ornamentals is highly sustainable.

More information for you

Can I buy corals and fish online?

Yes, corals and fish can be easily ordered from home and bought online. In our shop you will find a large selection of animals for your reef tank. Starting with tough clownfish and easy-to-care-for soft corals to rare designerfish and challenging SPS corals. After placing your order, the animals will be carefully prepared for shipping. We do shipments throughout EU.

All corals and fish are professionally packed by us and protected from outside temperature influences. The EU-wide shipping takes place exclusively with logistic companies certified for live animal transports. Before shipment you will receive an order confirmation with your delivery date as well as a link to the shipment tracking sent to your email address. So you can easily buy saltwater fish and corals online.

Corals for beginners

You are a beginner in the reef hobby and don´t know exactly which coral is the right one for your tank? No problem! In the shop you will find the possibility to filter by care level. The exact care requirements of each coral are listed in the detailed product view. Especially for beginner or young saltwater aquariums, we recommend more robust species from the categories soft coralsmushrooms or zoanthus.

Usually, these corals also tolerate higher nutrient values ​​and forgive minor mistakes that may happen when starting the hobby. But also among ​​the LPS or SPS corals there are genera, which are quite suitable for beginners as e.g. Seriatopora, Caulastrea, Stylophora, Euphyllia or Pocillopora.


We offer coral in the shop with sample or original pictures. The latter variant is based on What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). Each coral frag is individually photographed and the pictures are then uploaded to the shop. Whether the picture represents a sample shot or WYSIWYG image is noted for each animal in the product description.

Although you only see the corals on the display before you buy them, the WYSIWYG principle gives you a very good idea of ​​what they will look like in your reef tank. Once you have decided on a certain coral, after your purchase at Coralaxy, you will receive exactly the animal you have selected for your home delivery.

Saltwater fish for beginners

Especially for newcomers to the reef aquarium hobby, captive-bred fish are the best option, as they are generally more resistant than their wild caught conspecifics. Nonetheless, all care instructions should be followed.

Especially when first stocking saltwater fish, it should be noted that the aquarium is completely cycled and all water values ​​are stable. For the beginning we recommend robust saltwater fish such as dottybacks or clownfish.

Where do the corals and marine fish come from in this shop?

All coral and fish offered by Coralaxy origin 100% from aqua- or mariculture. The corals and fish are cultured by Coralaxy itself or obtained from friendly partner companies. On the one hand, these companies are tropical coral farms that reproduce coral and fish directly in the sea (= mariculture) or in facilities using natural seawater (= open aquaculture).

On the other hand, corals and fish offered here come from land-based aquaculture farms from Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA, which reproduce and breed corals and marine fish under artificial conditions (lighting, salt water, etc.) - as they also prevail in your aquarium (= closed aquaculture). In the detailed view you will find out exactly where the fish or coral comes from and can trace its origin.

Aquacultured marine fish and coral

With the purchase of aquacultured corals and fish you make an important contribution to sustainable reef aquaristics. Much of the world's traded marine fish and coral are still wildcaught.

In some places, cyanide is still used illegally to catch fish from the reef - with devastating effects on the environment. In addition, long transport routes cause high losses. In contrast to wild catches, captive-bred marine fish have grown up under controlled conditions and the transport routes are traceable and significantly shorter.