Invertebrates take over important biological functions in marine aquariums. Among them are many useful helpers such as algae-grazing snails, or aiptasia-eating shrimps. On top of that, some invertebrates such as Tridacna clams stand out for their breathtaking appearance and are real eye-catchers in your reef tank.
All invertebrates offered here are aquacultured and can be kept in aquariums without any problems. Each animal has gone through quarantine and is carefully prepared for shipping and professionally packed.


Buying invertebrates - our tip:

Invertebrates, especially shrimps and echinoderms, must be transferred slowly with the dripping method. To do this, first open the transport bag, place it in a cup or small bucket and pour about half of the transport water away. You can now add tank water drop by drop from the aquarium via a small hose. As soon as the water volume has doubled, repeat the whole procedure and finally place the animals from the bag carefully in your saltwater aquarium. Sea urchins must not be exposed to air and can simply be transferred submerged in a cup to your aquarium.

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