Blennies score less about their appearance than much more about their funny and droll behavior. Many species lack a swim bladder. You will therefore often be able to observe them close to the ground, where they look around with their big eyes. Often they make direct eye contact with the aquarist - something that makes them adorable at first sight.
Unlike their relatives, the group of Fang Blenny (Meiacanthus) is less bottom-bound. They swim freely in the water column and willingly present themselves to the aquarist.

Buying blennies - our tip:

The Fang Blenny (genus Meiacanthus) are equipped with a poisonous denture. The bite itself is not dangerous and does not even hurt, as the poison contains opiod-like substances and thus has an anaesthetic effect. Just make sure that you never touch Meiacanthus species with your bare hand, but always use a net or similar to help you.