Frag Pack 'SPS-Starter'

Art.Nr. 17-100-01-008

Coral set with a colorful mix of uncomplicated SPS-Corals. The package contains 4 frags of the species Stylophora pistillata 'Bug Out', Seriatopora caliendrum 'Green Birdsnest', Montipora digitata 'Blue' and Stylophora pistillata 'Milka'. You will save 20% compared to a single purchase.


The frag plugs on the pictures measure 2 - 2.5 cm.



Photos are sample pictures:

1. Top view Daylight - 12.000 K

2. Top view Blue light - 20.000 K

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SPS-Corals for Beginners

For many reef hobbyists they are the quintessence of modern reef aquaristics - colorful SPS-corals. SPS is the abbreviation for Small-Polyped Stony Corals. They are considered to be demanding care animals, but there are also some species that are less sensitive and make it easier for you to get started. Seriatopora, Pocillopora and Stylophora, for example, can already cope with moderate light intensities and are more forgiving of fluctuations in water parameters than for example Acropora.

Care and Positioning of SPS-Corals in the Aquarium

Place your SPS corals in the upper half of your reef structure. Make sure that the corals are protected from sediment deposits and get enough flow. Stylophora tolerates a very strong flow. If you want, you can remove the frag plug on which the corals are attached or cut off the stem with pliers. For positioning, it is best to use a coral glue to fix the animal on the rocks. Watch out in particular for alkalinity and phosphate levels and avoid large fluctuations in water quality. In this way, there are basically no more barriers to the successful keeping of SPS corals.

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