Coral Frag Glue - Cyanoacrylate Gel

Art.Nr. 52-001-01

Gel-based coral glue. Ideal for attaching coral frags to frag plugs or in your reef scape.

The handling is considerably facilitated by the high viscosity of the glue.


Advantages at a glance:

  •     non-toxic
  •     fast-binding
  •     high viscosity
  •     also glues under water
  •     invisible

Content: 20 g

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Gel-based coral glue - what is the difference to normal superglue?

Normal superglue is very liquid, runs quickly and is not suitable for fixing corals under water. The coral cyanoacrylate gel, on the other hand, is a cyanoacrylate paste. While the ingredients are identical, the coral glue is much more viscous. The high consistency facilitates the adherence of corals both outside and inside the water.

How are coral frags fixed in the reef scape? - Tips for application

Many coral frags are shipped on small substrate stones (=frag plugs). These usually have a " stalk ", which can be removed easily with pliers if it should bother you. Now you can easily glue the coral into your reef structure. First switch off the flow pumps. Then you put a small glue ball on the bottom of the stone and submerge the coral upside down (with the glue ball pointing upwards) carefully under water. The cyanoacrylate polymerizes on contact with water and now forms an outer thin layer while the inside is still liquid. Now find the desired position in your reef and place the coral frag there, by rubbing the frag a little bit against the rocks. The glue ball bursts open and the liquid glue can now bond with the frag and reef rock. Hold the coral against the rock for a few seconds until the glue is completely hardened. After another 5 minutes you can turn on the flow pumps again.


Aus meiner Sicht ein super Kleber

Ich finde das Produkt super, der Kleber ist nicht flüssig sonder Gel und somit gut zu dosieren.

Auch gibt es zwei ersatzspitzen falls doch mal eine eintrocknet.

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