Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Pellets

Art.Nr. 52-003-25702

Filter medium to remove nutrients while simultaneously producing valuable bacterioplankton.
Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Pellets are made of biopolymers and can be used as a medium in the fluidised bed filter. The polymers promote the colonisation of bacteria, which take up more phosphate and nitrate for their growth.


  • constant nitrate and phosphate removal
  • Production of bacterioplankton as food source for corals
  • easy and safe to use

Content: 500 ml

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Pellet filter vs. vodka method
For the synthesis of biomass, some heterotrophic bacteria take up nitrate and phosphate from the environment. However, to do this they need a carbon source in addition to a nitrogen and phosphorus source. This fact is taken advantage of in the vodka method or in the operation of a pellet filter.

Unlike the vodka method, where the carbon is added in liquid form, with the so-called bacteria pellets it is present in solid form. The pellets consist mainly of biopolymers, which can be gradually broken down by the heterotrophic bacteria. This means that the bacteria only receive the amount of carbon they actually need for their growth. The operation of a pellet filter is less labour-intensive, safer and easier to dose than the vodka method.

Application notes NP-Bacto-Pellets
Before use, brew the pellets once with boiling water to force the air out of the pellets. In case of increased nutrient levels, the outlet of the fluidised bed filter should be close to the inlet of the skimmer. In this way, the resulting bacterial biomass (including built-in nitrates and phosphates) is effectively removed from the system. Keep in mind that it will take some time to establish a bacteria population inside the pellet filter. A solid supply of trace elements creates the best conditions for this.


NP-Bacto pellets are good if you want to lower your nutrients slowly. If you have an urgent nutrient problem, other products such as NP-Bacto-Balance or Elimi-NP are more suitable. However, these products can also be used in combination.


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