Salifert Natural Strontium


Promotes the growth of stony corals and calcareous algae.

Natural Strontium from Salifert contains Strontium in a biologically available form (strontium sulfate), thus allowing a safe use in reef tanks.
Ideal for:

  • normal to heavily stocked reef tanks
  • tanks with strong growth of calcareous algae
  • the formation of blue tones in stony corals

Available in various package sizes. Measuring cup included.

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Strontium - why does my aquarium need it?

Strontium promotes the growth of stony corals and calcareous red algae. The element is stored in the skeleton and in this way permanently consumed. Many experienced aquarists also report a positive effect on the coloration of stony corals. Strontium is said to support the formation of the color blue in particular. In natural seawater the amount of strontium is between 7-9 mg/l.

When does it make sense to add Strontium?

It makes sense to add strontium when the strontium level in your tank is below 8 mg/l and cannot be compensated by regular water changes. Only carry out a dosage if you know the exact measured value. This can be determined for example by an ICP analysis.

When is adding Strontium not advisable?

In new aquariums and with low coral stocking, a separate addition of Strontium is not recommended. Small deficits can be easily compensated by regular water changes with a high-quality sea salt.

Tips for use

Start with a dosage of 5 ml per 100 litres once a week or once every two weeks. A strontium level of 8 mg/l is recommended. Avoid levels above 12 mg/l.


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