Salifert Trace Soft


Trace element supply designed specifically for soft corals.
Salifert Trace Soft supplies your leather and soft corals with essential trace elements. The proportions of the individual trace elements are optimally adapted to the needs of soft corals.
Ideal for:

  • normal to heavily stocked reef tanks
  • saltwater aquariums with many soft corals
  • reefers who are looking for an uncomplicated solution

Measuring cup included.

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Tips for use of Salifert Trace Soft
Always dose trace elements in a conservative manner. The manufacturer recommends a weekly dosage of 5 ml per 100 liters for this product. If you combine this product with 'Trace Hard' for stony corals, the total dosage of 10 ml per 300 liters of aquarium water must not be exceeded.

Since iodine cannot be added to the product without precipitation, the manufacturer recommends adding Salifert Natural Iodine additionally. In this way, an all-round supply of your reef inhabitants is ensured.


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