Tropic Marin All-For-Reef


All-in-one solution for a complete mineral supply.

Alternative to the Balling method.

All-For-Reef supplies your aquarium not only with calcium and carbonates, but also with magnesium and all important trace elements. All components are well balanced.

Differences to the Balling Method:

  • combined supply, no individual adjustments possible
  • no effects on salinity, pH or ion balance
  • simplified application only by referring to the alkalinity

Ideal for nano reef tanks and for aquarists looking for a simple solution for basic supply.

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How does All-For-Reef work?

All-For-Reef can be used immediately and has a long shelf life. First, determine the volume of water in your aquarium and the alkalinity using a suitable water test. Then calculate the required dosage - e.g. with the help of a dosing calculator.

TROPIC MARIN Dosing Calculator - Solution

Tropic Marin Dosing Calculator - Powder

The initial dosage is 5 ml All-For-Reef per 100 litres of aquarium water. Ideally you should distribute the daily dose and don't put everything into the aquarium at once. A dosing pump can do the job for you.

Now check the water parameters regularly, especially the alkalinity, and increase the daily dosage week for week by 2.5 ml per 100 litres of water volume until the alkalinity is constantly between 7 and 9 °dKH.

Which equipment is required?

Alkalinity-Test; if necessary dosing pump incl. hoses etc. (ensures a constant supply and thus reduces fluctuations); when buying the powder: scale, osmosis water, mixing container


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