Tropic Marin Bio-Magnesium

Art.Nr. 52-004-29402

Magnesium in a bioavailable form.

Tropic Marin Bio-Magnesium enables you to precisely adjust the magnesium value independently of other water parameters.

Ideal for:

  • Reef tanks with strong growth of coralline algae, soft corals, gorgonians or mangroves
  • Users of the Balling method
  • the case of a disproportion between calcium and magnesium

A liquid solution (e.g. for dosing pumps) can be prepared without any problems.

Measuring spoon included.

Content: 450 g

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Magnesium - what is its purpose?
Compared to calcium or alkalinity, magnesium is consumed much more slowly in reef aquariums. Nevertheless, it is an important element that is involved in elementary physiological processes such as photosynthesis or ATP production. In addition, magnesium ensures that calcium and carbonates remain in solution even in high concentrations (as are common in seawater).

When is adding magnesium advisable?
The addition makes sense below a magnesium value of 1200 mg/l. Dose only if you know the exact concentration and if you have previously set the salinity to 35 PSU. Basically, red coralline algae, mangroves, but also various soft corals and gorgonians consume more magnesium. So if you want to successfully care for these organisms, it is advisable to monitor and adjust the magnesium value.

When is adding magnesium not advisable?
Adding magnesium does not make sense if the measured value is already 1350 mg/l or more. Increased concentrations of magnesium can be harmful to the organisms in the aquarium. In addition, precipitations occur more frequently with high magnesium values. So less is more.

Tips for use
The addition of a measuring spoon of bio-magnesium increases the value by 10 mg / l per 100 liters of aquarium water. We recommend that you dissolve the powder in osmosis water before adding it.

If you use the classic Balling method for the supply of lime, it is advisable to couple the addition of magnesium to the calcium and carbonate consumption. To do this, simply add 17g / l of organic magnesium to Balling solution A.


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