Tropic Marin Trace Elements


Trace elements in a double pack to promote growth and coloration of corals.
Tropic Marin A- and K+ Elements supply your saltwater aquarium with essential trace elements. The concentrations of the individual elements in the solutions are perfectly balanced.
Ideal for:

  • normal to heavily stocked reef tanks
  • users of the classic balling method
  • saltwater aquariums with many SPS corals

As liquid solution suitable for dosing pumps.

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Trace elements - what is their purpose?
Trace elements such as iodine, strontium, potassium and others are involved in a variety of physiological processes and often act as cofactors in proteins and enzymes. They thus catalyze biochemical reactions that take place, for example, in the course of photosynthesis and calcification. In closed systems such as an aquarium, trace elements are disproportionately consumed, especially with increasing coral growth, and must therefore be replaced.

When is adding trace elements not advisable?
In new aquariums and with low coral stocking, a separate addition of trace elements is not recommended. Few corals consume only a few trace elements and small deficits can be easily compensated by regular water changes with a high-quality sea salt.

When is the addition of trace elements advisable?
The addition of trace elements is recommended as soon as the consumption can no longer be compensated by water changes. This is especially the case with increasing stocking (especially of SPS corals), increased growth of corals or intensive filtration (activated carbon, zeolite, adsorber).

Tips for use
Start with the dosage of 1 ml A- or K+ Elements per 100 litres of aquarium water daily. In well stocked tanks the requirement can be considerably higher. In order to match your trace element dosage with the actual requirement, we recommend a regular ICP analysis. If you use the classic balling method for calcium supply, you can link the addition of trace elements to the calcium and carbonate consumption. To do this, 50 ml/l of K+-elements trace elements are added to Balling solution A and 50 ml/l of A- elements are added to Balling solution B.

Combi product vs. individual adjustment of trace elements and their monitoring

Combi products ensure the basic supply of trace elements. You should check your trace elements balance regularly using ICP analyses. The results will also show you whether individual elements are being depleted to a greater extent. These are often iodine, strontium, boron, potassium, bromine or iron. In this case you can dose these separately in addition to the combi product.


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