Bluestripe Pipefish - PAIR

Doryrhamphus excisus

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The blue-striped pipefish is a wonderful reef inhabitant to keep an eye on. The delicate fish moves deftly and gracefully through the aquarium. They cope well with flow and also larger tankmates.

We offer pipefish that accept fine frozen food.

You will receive a pair of male and female, which have been sharing a tank with us for a fairly long time.

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150 Liters +

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Doryrhamphus excisus - a marine fish for reef tanks from 150 liters

Pipefish are naturally relatively stationary reef creatures. They will therefore feel very comfortable in aquariums from 150 liters. A well acclimated aquarium is an advantage, as the pipefish can feed on small organisms. If your aquarium is still young and does not have much microfauna, you should provide the animals at least 2x daily with fine frozen food or living zooplankton.

The compatibility of Doryrhamphus excisus

When mixing with other fishes you should take into account the delicate nature of the pipefish. Doryrhamphus excisus is a slow feeder and should therefore not be socialized with too greedy or even aggressive reef inhabitants. It is best to keep them in pairs. Male blue-striped pipefish can be easily distinguished from females by their snout, which is covered with small bumps. Socialization of several males or with other pipefish species is not recommended, as territorial fights may occur.

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24 - 27 °C



150 Liters


Adult size

8 cm



keep in pairs peaceful fish avoid feeding competition



small frozen food like copepods, cyclops and lobster eggs live zooplankton freshly hatched artemia in younger tanks, feed several times per day


Water parameters

Ammonia: < 0,05 mg/l Nitrite: < 0,02 mg/l Nitrate: 0 - 100 mg/l Salinity (PSU): 31 – 35 Alkalinity: 8 – 10 °dKH


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