Bristle-tail file fish

Acreichthys tomentosus

Art.Nr. 27-101-04-209

The bristle-tail file fish is a calm and helpful saltwater fish. It swims peacefully through the aquarium and observes everything very closely with its big eyes. As an aiptasia-eater it is very popular among aquarists.

FYI April 28 2022: the fish are currently quite small (apprx. 3-4 cm).

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Acreichthys tomentosus - a saltwater fish for aquariums above 300 liters

With its calm nature and a maximum size of 12 cm, the bristle-tail file fish is a perfect candidate for saltwater tanks from 300 liters upwards. It stays mainly close to the reef structure and is peaceful towards other tank inhabitants. The body color can change depending on the mood and environment - very interesting to observe!

The bristle-tail file fish an aiptasia eater and manjano killer

Acreichthys tomentosus is a good choice to get an infestation of aiptaisa or manjano in your tank under control. Keep in mind, however, that brstle-tail file fish are not 100% "reefsafe". This means that every now and then there are individuals that can nibble on Acanthastrea, button polyps or Xenia.

  • Origin

    Aquacultured in EU



24 - 27 °C



300 Liters


Adult size

7 - 10 cm



single or pairs calm and peaceful fish slow feeder; avoid feeding competition



small frozen food like red plankton, copepods and lobster eggs small dry food


Water parameters

Ammonia: below 0,05 mg/l Nitrite: below 0,02 mg/l Nitrate: 0 - 100 mg/l Salinity (PSU): 31 – 35 Alkalinity: 8 - 10 °dKH


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