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Marble-mouthed Frogfish

Marble-mouthed Frogfish

Lophiocharon lithinostomus

Art.Nr. 27-989-02-194

Marblemouth Frogfish are calm solitary fish and have a unique appearance. One feeding per week is sufficient for this fish. If you are looking for something special, the frogfish is just made for you. Our animals are used to frozen food and captive-bred.

Not suitable for normal reef tanks as this fish will feed on other fish. Please keep it in special tank.

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Lophiocharon lithinostomus – a saltwater fish for aquariums from 100 liters and up

Happy and content Marble-mouthed frogfish live without conspecifics and don’t swim around much. Therefore, they can be kept in aquariums above 100 liters capacity. They can reach a size of 10-15 cm and prefer a tank with lots of dark areas and hiding spots. You can train frogfish to stay in a specific area of the tank by feeding them only while they are sitting in the intended place. Important: never lift them out of the water and expose them to air!

Frogfish can not be kept in community tanks!

Frogfish are loners. Therefore, you can not and should not keep them in community tanks because the presence of conspecifics is very stressful for them.

Frogfish – ambush predators that don’t eat often

A good and healthy diet is of the utmost importance because frogfish don’t eat often. When they do feed, they feed on large prey. Give only one food item per feeding event. The food items have to be of appropriate size and should visibly distend the stomach of the fish but should exceed the body size of the individual fish. Otherwise, the food items may decay before being digested completely. You can feed juveniles 2-3 times per week, adults once a week maximum. Don’t feed the fish before the last meal is completely digested. Every two weeks, the food items should be enriched with vitamins, minerals, and pigments. Lipid-based products and DHA/EPA enrichments should not be given too often to the frogfish to prevent fatty-liver-disease. We recommend the following frozen foods: mussel/clam meat, shrimp/prawn, krill

Our frogfish are tank-bred from Germany!

Originally, the Lophiocharon lithinostomus lives near the coasts of the Philippines. The removal of wild animals from their natural habitat is critical and can possibly endanger the species. To protect Marble-mouthed frogfish it is important that you buy only tank-bred animals!

  • Origin

    Aquacultured in Germany



24 - 27 °C



100 Liters


Adult size

10 - 15 cm



Keep single. Can not be kept in community tanks as the presence of conspecifics is very stressful for them. calm, quiet fish



Bigger frozen foods: mussel/clam meat, shrimp, krill, smelt


Water parameters

Ammonia: < 0,05 mg/l Nitrite: < 0,02 mg/l Nitrate: 0 - 100 mg/l Salinity (PSU): 31 – 35 Alkalinity: 8 – 10 °dKH


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