Pterapogon kauderni

Banggai Cardinalfish

Art.Nr. 27-127-06-194

The Banggai cardinalfish is one of the most popular fish in reef aquariums. The silver body with characteristic black-and-white coloring and luminous dots is typical of this species. A very sociable saltwater fish that is particularly active during the evening hours.

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150 Liters+
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Pterapogon kauderni - a saltwater fish for reef tanks from 200 liters

Banggai cardinalfish can be kept in aquariums from 200 liters. A structured reef setup with numerous hiding places is ideal for these animals. Cardinalfish are nocturnal and present themselves mainly during the evening hours in the aquarium. During this time the feeding of the animals should also take place. The banggai cardinalfish has a preference for medium-sized frozen foods (artemia, mysis) or will also gladly accept slowly sinking dry foods.

Banggai cardinalfish are mouthbrooders
If you keep Banggai cardinalfish in pairs, sooner or later you will be able to observe how the male stops eating and still gets a bigger and bigger mouth. The reason: Pterapogon kauderni is a mouthbrooder and carries the eggs in its throat until they hatch. Make sure to try the breeding by yourself, because the young banggai are already relatively large and have a very good chance of survival.

The socialization of Pterapogon kauderni

We recommend to keep them as a pair. We do not recommend to keep them in groups, as it can lead to aggressive behavior between adult conspecifics and in the end, very likely only two will be left. Banggai cardinalfish are otherwise calm fish and can be socialized with other fish in the reef aquarium.

  • Origin

    Aquacultured in EU



24 - 27 °C



200 Liters


Adult size

7 - 10 cm



pairs or single relaxing fish avoid food competitors as the banggai are slow feeders



medium-sized frozen food such as mysis, artemia slow sinking dry food


Water parameters



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