Spotted-Gill Cardinalfish

Ostorhinchus chrysopomus

Art.Nr. 27-118-04-201

The bright blue eyes of the gill-spotted cardinalfish stand out clearly on the otherwise rather inconspicuous colored body. In young animals there are still stripes across the flank. These disappear with age and are replaced by orange dots on the gill covers. A marine fish that is particularly active in the evening hours.

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200 Liters+
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Ostorhinchus chrysopomus - a marine fish for reef tanks from 200 liters
Cardinalfish can already be kept well in aquariums from 200 liters. A structured reef setup with numerous hiding places is ideal for these animals. Cardinalfish are nocturnal and present themselves mainly during the evening hours in the aquarium. During this time the feeding of the animals should also take place. The gill-spotted cardinalfish has a preference for larger frozen foods (artemia, krill, mysis) or will also gladly accept slowly sinking dry foods.

Gill-spotted ardinalfish are mouth brooders
Ostorhinchus chrysopomus are mouth brooders and carry the larvae in their mouths until they hatch. The juveniles are already relatively large and have a very good chance of survival.

The compatibility of Ostorhinchus chrysopomus
We recommend you to keep it as a single individual. We do not recommend keeping them in groups or pairs, because aggressive behavior between adult animals can occur and in the end there will most likely be only one left. At least that is our experience. An exception can be pairs or groups that are already established at the retailer. However, please ask these specifically before buying. Otherwise, the cheek spot cardinalfish can be socialized well with other cardinalfish such as the Banggai. We do not recommend you to keep Ostorhinchus in company with very small fish (neon gobies) or shrimps (Thor), as Ostorhinchus is also predatory, especially during the twilight phase.

  • Origin

    Aquacultured in US



22 - 27 °C



200 Liters


Adult size

10 - 11 cm



keep as individuals or established pairs or groups compatible also with other cardinalfish be cautious with really small shrimps and fish



larger frozen food such as artemia, mysis, krill slow sinking dry food or flakes Tropic Marin O-Megavital 1.5


Water parameters

Ammonia: < 0,05 mg/l Nitrite: < 0,02 mg/l Nitrate: 0 - 100 mg/l Salinity (PSU): 31 – 35 Alkalinity: 7 - 10 °dKH


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