Saltwater fish bring movement into the aquarium and are a wonderful addition to the home reef. Sometimes they present distinct characters and it is really fun to watch them in the aquarium. In the shop you can choose between popular Clown- or Anemonefish, agile Dottybacks or cute Gobies. All fish are captive-bred and suitable for beginners. Every single fish has gone through a 4-week quarantine, is acclimated and food safe. With the filter function "Aquarium" you can sort the fish according to the size of your tank - in that way you will definetely find the right fish for your reef aquarium!


Buying saltwater fish online - our tip:

To ensure that your saltwater fish are happy and you can enjoy them for a long time, there are a few care instructions to follow. Each species has different requirements in terms of aquarium size, food and compatibility. Please check them thoroughly before buying - you will find the most important information in our product descriptions.

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