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Simply buy corals online? Why not? Through a variety of pictures and information you can get a good impression of the animals before buying. If you still have questions, you can contact us by phone, mail or via the contact form in the online shop.

Thanks to our careful packaging and our reliable shipping service we can guarantee a smooth transport of your ordered reef inhabitants. As a pure online shop for the reef hobby, the shipping of animals is part of our everyday life.

Some of the coral frags are uploaded as WYSIWYG in the online shop. WYSIWYG is the abbreviation for What You See Is What You Get. In this case a coral frag is photographed as a unique specimen. In case of an order, you will get exactly the animal you selected after your purchase delivered to your home.

We are not perfect. If you are ever dissatisfied or have problems with the online shop - please contact us. Your feedback is very important to us and helps us to discover and improve weak points. So do not be shy!