Do you still have some space in your saltwater aquarium in places with little current or low light? Well, then you could think about filling them with colorful mushroom corals of the genus Discosoma, Ricordea or Rhodactis. Mushrooms tolerate little light, fluctuations in alkalinity and increased nutrient concentrations. They are therefore the perfect corals for the easy-to-care reef tank. Be sure, you will always find a free place for a mushroom!


Buying mushroom corals - our tip:

Normally a weak to medium lighting is sufficient for the care of mushrooms. However, the light requirement varies slightly from species to species. For aquarists, it can sometimes be very difficult to correctly estimate the actual intensity of our lighting without technical aids. However, in this case your mushrooms will show you. If you have chosen a place with too little light for them, they will start to stretch out extremely. In this case you should find them a new place in your tank that is better lit.