Many saltwater fish are well suited for keeping them in pairs. If possible, a male and female should be kept together, because same-sex pairings can lead to fights for territory. Unfortunately, the sexes of fish are not always easy to determine and can even change in the course of a fish life.
In order to make it easier for you to pair up, in this section you will only find fish that have been living together in our facility and have been sharing a tank harmoniously for a long time. Occasionally we can even offer you breeding pairs. These are pairs of fish that have already spawned together. Such trained breeding pairs are the ideal candidates if you want to try breeding fish yourself.

Buying saltwater fish as breeding pair - our tip:

Feed the parents strong and varied, because this has positive effects on the offspring. Remember that some larvae need food as soon as possible after hatching. Therefore provide live food (Brachionus, Artemia) at an early stage.