Caulerpa prolifera

Art.Nr. 16-01-040822

Fast growing green algae for your reef tank.

Especially suitable for controlling or lowering nitrate and phosphate levels and competing with unwanted algae.

Improves water quality and provides shelter for fish or critters.

Ideal for:

  • reef tanks with elevated nutrient levels
  • algae refugium
  • design of macro algae tanks

You will receive a palm-sized portion.

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Caulerpa algae
Caulerpa algae, also known as Leafy Caulaerpa, are green algae with root-like rhizomes with which they attach themselves to the substrate. They are very popular in the reef hobby as they are easy to keep, have few demands on their environment and grow quickly.

Care of Caulerpa prolifera
Caulerpa prolifera can grow up to 15 cm high. Even though it is less common with Caulerpa prolifera than with related species, if the population grows too densely, it can suddenly collapse. Therefore, it is important that you regularly clear out the macroalgae. Avoid direct contact with corals, as Caulerpa can inhibit their growth. We recommend this algae primarily for algae refugium or macroalgae tanks.











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