Tropic Marin O-Megavital


Pellet food for saltwater fish.

The energy-rich complete food contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, as well as a seaweed additive. This covers the iodine and trace element requirements of your reef fish in a natural way.


Available in 2 Pelletsize:

  • 1,0 mm for fish from 4 cm
  • 1,5 mm for fish from 8 cm

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How to feed saltwater fish

When feeding your saltwater fish with pellets, you should proceed sparingly. Do only feed as much as can be taken up by the animals in a short time. The ideal way would be to distribute several small portions throughout the day. If your fish are lazy swimmers, it is a good idea to turn off the flow pumps during feeding. Many pumps have a special feeding mode that pauses the flow for a few minutes. To ensure that all the fish in your aquarium get a little bit of food, you can feed it at several places in the aquarium. With the help of a pipette, even fish living near the bottom can be fed in a directed manner.

How often should I feed my saltwater fish?

Most saltwater fish are permanent feeders and could actually accept many small feeds throughout the day. Since this is not always practicable for most reef hobbyists besides work, family and spare time, we recommend to feed a small portion twice a day. Occasionally you can then include feeding days with 6-8 mini-portions, and fasting days on which there is no feeding at all.

The advantage of pellet food

Pellet feed can be used sparingly because it is highly concentrated and very energy-rich. Furthermore, it is free of germs or bacteria and has a very long shelf life. Store the food in a cool and dry place and always with the lid closed.

Tropic Marin O-Megavital Micro - what does it contain?

Fish meal 43%, fish oil 13%, soy bean protein, corn protein, pea protein, wheat, algae meal 2%, yeast

Additives: Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Analysis: crude protein 54%, crude fat 18%, crude ash 8%, crude fibre 1.5%, moisture 8%, phosphorus 1.3%, iodine 0.1%, polyunsaturated fatty acids 25 mg/kg

Energy value: 22000 kJ/kg


Bei allen beliebt

Alle meine Fische lieben dieses Futter. Besonders praktisch ist, dass es in unterschiedlichen Korngrößen zu bekommen ist. Da ist dann für jedes Fischmaul die passende Größe dabei.
Ich werde dieses Futter auf jeden Fall immer wieder kaufen.

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