Tropic Marin Zooton

Art.Nr. 52-002-24602

Powdered food for SPS corals.

Zooton is a plankton substitute with very small food particle size. It's therefore perfect for stony corals with small polyps. The components spirulina and brewer's yeast provide your corals with important B-vitamins and carotenoids.


Ideal for:

  •     SPS corals
  •     Other zooplankton filter feeder

Suitable as complete food.

Packsize: 60 g

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Do corals need food?

Not exactly. With the help of many unicellular algae (= zooxanthellae) which are embedded in the tissue of the corals, corals can feed indirectly on light. The symbiotic algae transfer various sugars to the coral, which they produce during photosynthesis. However, the algae in turn need nutrients to maintain their metabolism. They can obtain these, for example, from the excrements of the reef fish in your aquarium. It is therefore not possible to run a tank completely without nutrients.

The importance of feeding corals in your aquarium

In order for your corals to look colorful, be healthy and keep growing, you should feed them. Regular feeding means that less symbiotic algae are incorporated into the tissue. The coral looks more colourful because the pigments are more visible. Furthermore, it has been proven that directly fed corals are less susceptible to bleaching or other diseases. They will also have more energy to grow.

Application and dosage of Zooton

Dose twice daily one measuring spoon (inside the container) to 200 - 500 liters of tank water. Soak the amount in aquarium water in a cup shortly before feeding and distribute it in the aquarium afterwards.

Tropic Marin Zooton - what does it contain?

Ingredients: fish and fish by products, shrimp and shrimp by products, marine algae, brewers yeast, Spirulina


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