Berghia snail


The one and only true aiptasia-killer. Berghia snails do not feed on anything else and even reach aiptasias sitting in small crevices or corners.

When ordering, choose between one (or more) adult snail of at least 0.5 cm or an egg clutch from which 50 or more snails can hatch.

We ship the clutch attached to a mini clay pot. Place the clutch in the immediate neighbourhood of aiptasia so that the snails do not enter a larval phase.

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60 Liters +

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Berghia snails against aiptasia

Berghia snails are food specialists. This is a curse and a blessing in one. The advantage is that Berghia snails will not harm other corals in your tank. A disadvantage on the other hand: as soon as all aiptasias in your reef aquarium are gone, the Berghia snails will disappear as well, because they will not find anything to eat. A good way to solve this problem is to pass the animals on to a friend of yours in time. For sure you will find a reef buddy who is happy about the snails.

Lysmata wurdemanni or Berghia stephanieae?

In contrast to other aiptasia eaters, Lysmata shrimps and Berghia snails can already be kept in tanks smaller than 300 litres. Both are very good at fighting aiptasias, but Lysmata shrimp are not 100% "reefsafe", i.e. it is not impossible that they will nibble on other corals (especially Acanthastrea and Zoanthids). This won´t happen with snails.

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24 - 27 °C



60 Liters



Please avoid to keep Berghia with Lysmata shrimps as it is not excluded that they will eat the nudibranch.


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