Zoanthus sp. 'Green Galaxy'

Button Polyps

Art.Nr. 13-090-01-001

Zoanthid with glittering green, which reminds of distant galaxies.

You will receive a frag with minimum 4 polyps.


Photos are samples:

1. Top view Daylight - 12.000 K

2. Top view Blue light - 20.000 K

3. Reef tank shot

4. Variation of the frags

5. Filtershot (blue light + orange filter)

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Zoanthus colonies consist of a number of small polyps. They are flat growing and can gradually cover rock and soil like crusts. The palette of colors and patterns within Zoanthus is almost unlimited - a must-have for coral collecters. When naming the Zoanthus, it is common in the reef hobby to use fancy names like "Green Galaxy". There is still a lack of clarity about scientifically correct species identification.

Zoanthus are grateful corals in reef tanks

Zoanthids have few requirements and can adapt to a wide range of light intensities. Slowly adjust your Zoanthus to intense light, because too low an lighting is always better tolerated than too high. Nevertheless, even very colorful species show best colors and growth under strong lighting. Choose the intensity of flow so that no sediments can deposit on the Zoanthus.

How do I place Zoanthus in the aquarium?

We deliver our corals fixed on a frag plug. You can either fix this plug in your reef structure or you can glue it with coral- or super glue to the desired position. The frag plugs have a small stem, which can be easily cut off with pliers if it is disturbing.

  • Origin

    Aquacultured in Germany

  • Additional information

    Commercial Coralfarm



24 - 27 °C












no direct feeding necessary light dissolved nutrients


Water parameters

Nitrate: 5 - 15 mg/l Phosphate: 0.03 - 0.1 mg/l Salinity (PSU): 32 - 35 Alkalinity: 7 - 9 °dKH Calcium: 400 - 450 mg/l Magnesium: 1250 - 1500 mg/l


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mega Farben

Dieser Ableger ist meine zweite Zoanthus von Coralaxy und auch diese strahlt wieder in so hammer Farben. Lieferung war top und die Koralle kam unbeschadet an.
Danke liebes Coralaxy Team für eure starke Arbeit. :)

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