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Are you looking for special fish and corals for your reef tank?

Coralaxy is the right place for you!

As an aquaculture company, Coralaxy has specialised in coral farming. In addition to our own aquacultured corals, we offer you a large selection of products from partner companies. These are also 100% captive-bred.

We neither want to advise you nor expect you to stock your aquarium solely with aquacultured fish and corals. We are well aware that the exclusive captive-bred stocking of a reef aquarium is currently still difficult and that availability is not always given. Nevertheless, we would like to ask you to critically question the origin of your animals and to go for aquacultured species where possible.

Diane & Johannes

Coralaxy – that´s us; Diane & Johannes

Diane und Johannes von Coralaxy

With Coralaxy, we want to contribute to a more sustainable and transparent reef hobby for private tank owners. During our biology and aquaculture studies we had the opportunity to work together with well-known companies and research institutes in the field of professional reef aquaristics and marine aquaculture. We now want to use the experience we gained and the network we have built up to strengthen the availability, acceptance and breeding of marine ornamentals in Germany and Europe. With Coralaxy, the range of aquacultured species for reef tanks will be continuously extended. We also want you to know exactly where the animals you buy come from. Therefore, we enclose a certificate of origin with every order, which shows you where the animal comes from and proves its legal origin.

Diane bei ihrer Arbeit am ZMT Bremen, Johannes bei Taucharbeiten für ein Riffrestaurationsprojekt in Curacao

Before the foundation of Coralaxy we studied aquaculture at the University of Rostock. Besides our private interest in the reef hobby, this gave us the opportunity to gain practical experience at public institutions (German Oceanographic Museum, Stralsund), aquaculture companies (Proaquatix, Florida, USA), institutes (Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology, Bremen), aquaristic companies (Tropic Marin, Wartenberg) and research projects (SECORE Foundation, Curacao).

Aquaculture facility with separate quarantine area

We have planned and built our aquaculture facility ourselves. In general, it can be divided into 3 areas; (1) the quarantine area, (2) the coral farm and (3) the fish system. The total volume of the facility amounts to about 20,000 litres, which is distributed over 7 recirculation systems. The filter units are developed in cooperation with the company AquaCare & Co. KG and differ in their equipment between coral (e.g. calcium reactor) and fish systems (e.g. UV filtration).

Planung und Realität - Korallenzucht Coralaxy

The areas of coral farming and fish keeping are divided into a total of 4 circulation systems, each with a volume of 2500 to 4500 litres.

For the lighting and flow of the coral systems we have chosen the products of EcoTech Marine. The adjustment of the lights and pumps is made according to the specific requirements of the corals in each system. In quarantine, for example, we use a very low lighting intensity in order to acclimate the animals as gently as possible. If you have further questions about the system, please contact us!

Quarantänebereich Fische und Korallen Coralaxy

The quarantine system consists of 3 smaller recirculation systems. Here both fish and corals are carefully acclimatized for at least 4 weeks and checked for diseases and parasites.

Aquakultur Förderung

Our project is supported by the European Marine and Fisheries Fund and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Aquaculture Investments).