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What does WYSIWYG mean?

WYSIWYG is the acronym for What You See Is What You Get. Coral frags of the same kind can sometimes differ greatly in shape and color from each other. The WYSIWYG principle avoids this problem. All animals that are marked in our shop with WYSIWYG are individually photographed by us and uploaded in the shop as a unique "product". In that way you can be sure that you get exactly the coral delivered to your home, which you can see in the picture on your display.

Do the corals look like in the picture?

Our product images are created under as real conditions as possible. We photograph our corals under LED lighting (EcoTech Marine Radion). We use a professional camera system with macro lens for the images. Further image processing is not carried out. Please note, that nevertheless small deviations can occur. Depending on the type of lighting (T5, LED), lighting settings and color rendering of your display, the color impressions may differ slightly.

How large are the coral frags?

The size of the coral can be easily determined by the light grid plate in which the frag sits. One square of the grid plate measures 1.5 x 1.5 cm. For pictures without light grid you will find the size in the product description.

When are shop updates and how will I find out about them?

We put new corals in the shop at certain intervals. At the moment we do not have a solid routine, but we inform our customers in good time ahead about our shop updates via our newsletter and our Facebook and Instagram account. In order not to miss any, sign up for the newsletter!

Are the corals freshly fragged?

No, none of our corals intended for sale are shipped freshly fragged and glued. We give our own frags enough time to recover enough after fragmenting. You recognize this by the formation of a basal disc (= the beginning overgrowth of the frag plug with coral tissue).

Why are there different prices even though the species are the same?

In addition to the species, there are other factors that determine the price such as color, size and growth form. Therefore, different prices may be shown for the same species.



Can I reserve animals for a long time before they are sent to me?

We reserve your order 14 working days for you. Your requested delivery date should therefore be selected within this time. Please contact us if you want or need a longer reservation period.

Can I also place an order by phone or e-mail?

Yes, that is possible too! These inquiries are initially not binding for you. We then submit you a binding offer in text form (for example by e-mail), which you can accept within 5 days.

Do I have to register to order?

No, you do not have to register for a customer account to order from us. An order as a guest is possible at any time.

Live Animal - Shipping

Why is sending live animals so expensive?

To ensure that your ordered animals arrive safely, we send them exclusively with the certified for live animal transport shipping service UPS Express ISC. They ensure that the package arrives within 24 hours - usually even before noon. These points are associated with an additional expense, which requires correspondingly higher costs. We will forward the shipping costs to you. Our terms, in turn, are related to the number of parcel shipments. So if you order a lot from us, then we can negotiate better terms and the shipping could soon be cheaper for you ;)

Can I just stop by and pick up my order?

Yes, you can also come by and pick up your order directly from us. In this case, you even save the shipping costs. Order and pay your animals just as normal here in the online shop and put in the order process in "shipping" just a tick at "pickup". We will inform you by mail as soon as your order is ready for pick up.



My ordered animals are damaged or dead. What's happening now?

If, despite all carefully prepared shipping preparations, it happens once an animal dies during transport, document it immediately with photos. For the photo documentation the dead animals are to be left in the closed transport bag. The resulting losses and photos please send us within 24 hours by email to Further details can be found in the complaint process.

I do not like the animal anymore. Can I send it back?

No. Please note that live animals are not suitable for a return (§ 312 g para. 2 No. 2 BGB)! For all other goods in our shop, the right of revocation applies.


How do I put corals and fish in my aquarium?

Corals (except anemones) can be placed in your aquarium immediately and without any adjustments. Anemones, shells and invertebrates are gently and slowly transferred to the aquarium using the dropping method. Regarding the acclimatization of fish: dim the lights, adjust the temperature (float the closed bag in your tank for 15 min) and then transfer the fish quickly (without too much transportwater). You will find a detailed guide in our Checklist Acclimatization.

Do the coral colors stay the way they are?

Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that. The coloration of corals can change a lifetime. It is strongly related to the type and intensity of illumination, nutrient availability and trace element content. That's what makes coral care so exciting and challenging. Since you have decided for aquaculture corals, chances are good that the colors will be preserved because the conditions such as artificial lighting in our facility are already very aquarium-like (if not identical). Maybe you'll manage to tease out even more color from the corals in your aquarium.

Can I just stop by at your place?

Unfortunately, no. We have focused on coral reproduction and online sales. We are not a local shop, but an aquaculture facility, which also means a high security area for us. Currently, we do not have the capacity to receive visitors, which does not mean that this will not change in the future. Please understand that it is currently not possible to visit us. Nevertheless, customer proximity and the exchange with aquarists is very important to us. If you have questions, you can contact us at any time. To see our facility, follow us on facebook or instagram!

May I make suggestions for improvement?

You are welcome to suggest how we can improve our offer or service. We are always open to criticism and welcome new ideas. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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