Frag Pack 'Softie'

Art.Nr. 17-100-01-008

Coral set with easy-to-care-for soft corals for the reef tank start. It contains 4 frags of the species Briareum 'Green', Pinnigorgia sp., Sinularia brassica 'Pink' and Sarcophyton sp. 'Light Green'. You will save 20 % compared to a single purchase.


The frag plugs on the pictures measure 2-3 cm.



Photos are samples:

1. top view daylight - 12.000 K

2. top view blue light - 20.000 K

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Soft corals for beginners

Soft corals are ideal for the entry into the reef hobby. They forgive small mistakes more easily and can also handle fluctuations in water values much better than most stony corals. Even if you are generally looking for more robust and easy-to-care corals, this coral package is perfect for you.

How do you fix soft corals in the reefscape?

We have attached the corals to so called frag plugs. These plugs do well in our breeding facilities and can sometimes be anchored in the reef structure of a saltwater aquarium. But sometimes the "stems" of the plugs can be disturbing. You can easily snap them off with pliers. For positioning, it is best to use coral glue to fix the animal firmly on the structure.

Colorful soft corals like flow and light

Green or yellow soft corals need a lot of light to keep their beautiful coloration. Therefore position them in well lit areas of your reef tank.

High nutrient levels? No problem for soft corals!

Soft corals cope well with increased nutrient concentrations. Phosphate concentrations of up to 0.2 mg/l and nitrate concentrations of up to 20 mg/l are considered as quite acceptable. However, please note that colorful soft corals can temporarily lose their intensity if nutrient levels are increased.

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24 - 27 °C












Licht Phytoplankton, Staubfutter kleines Zooplankton


Water parameters

Nitrat: 1 - 15 mg/l Phosphat: 0,03 - 1,0 mg/l Salinität (PSU): 32 - 35 Karbonathärte: 7,5 - 9 °dKH Calcium: 420 - 450 mg/l


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Super Erstbesatz

Habe das Paket unter anderem als Erstbesatz für mein neues Aquarium geholt. Super Korallen, perfekt eingepackt und sehen klasse aus!

Super Starterpaket

Ganz tolle Tiere, die sich sofort gut ins Aquarium integrieren. Ich beobachte die Korallen jeden Tag und erfreue mich immer wieder daran. Echt eine Top Qualität Ich diese Zusammenstellung nur empfehlen.

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