Tropic Marin Iodine

Art.Nr. 52-004-24304

Iodine-containing solution for the supply of your aquarium.

Tropic Marin Iodine is an iodine-potassium iodide solution in the ratio 1:2 (Lugol's solution). Due to the fact that it contains different forms of iodine (I-, I2, I3-, I5), this product is very suitable for the addition in reef tanks.

Ideal for:

  • reef tanks with many soft corals, gorgonians, sponges and macro algae
  • the support of moulting processes in crustaceans
  • the formation of blue and violet colors in stony corals

Contents: 50 ml

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Iodine - what for?

Especially when caring for different soft corals, such as xenia, an additional dosage of iodine has a positive effect. High concentrations of the element can be found in the tissue of these animals. Gorgonians and black corals require iodine for the synthesis (=formation) of their skeleton, and the proportion of iodine contained therein can be up to 23%.

When iodine is added to reef tanks, a positive effect on the coloration of stony corals has often been reported. Iodine is said to particularly support the formation of blue and violet colors.

Tips for the use of Tropic Marin Iodine

Add one drop of iodine daily per 200 liters of aquarium water. Do not double the dosage, for example if you forget to add it one day. Stay with one drop per 200 liters of aquarium water per day. We recommend you to check the iodine level regularly using drip tests or ICP analysis. Be aware that iodine is present in a variety of different compounds in seawater and can therefore only be incompletely detected by tests. You can find detailed information about this in our blog post: The dosage of iodine in reef tanks

In case of a very dense stock and if the measured values allow it, you can increase the dosage to a maximum of 2 drops per 200 liters of aquarium water per day.

Iodine is sensitive to light. Therefore it is best to store it in the dark.


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