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Synechococcus Plankton

Synechococcus Plankton


Bacterioplankton against cyanobacteria in your reef tank.

Live Plankton culture. Synechococcus naturally fights cyanobacteria and can also be used prophylactically against cyano infestations. Furthermore it is food for filter feeders.


Ideal for:

  • the control of cyanobacteria
  • direct feeding of clams, sponges, soft corals & Co
  • improved water quality

Contents: 1000 ml or 5 l

Can be used for 4 weeks. Keep refrigerated.

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Application and dosage of Synechococcus

Shake the bottle well before use. In the case of problems with cyanobacteria, dose 100 ml per 100 liters daily. To feed your reef inhabitants already 50 ml per 100 liters are sufficient. Always store the bottle in a cool and dark place (refrigerator) and shake daily.

Notes on the delivery time of live plankton

We only ship "ready to harvest" plankton to you - that means a culture with high density and free of fertiliser. The optimal time of filling may delay the delivery time. If we are unable to make an express delivery on your desired delivery date, we will contact you to make further arrangements.


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