Tropic Marin Coral Clean

Art.Nr. 52-007-24332

Iodine-based coral dip.

Coral Clean removes hitchhikers such as flatworms and other parasites from new arrivals. In addition, a short bath disinfects mechanical injuries on corals (e.g. after fragmentation). Coral Clean thus prevents infections such as brown jelly or tissue necrosis (RTN, STN).

Fields of application:

  • for gentle acclimation of new corals
  • as disease prevention
  • supporting treatment in case of infestation with flatworms and other parasites
  • promotes healing of freshly fragmented corals

Content: 250 ml

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Tropic Marin Coral Clean - Tips for use
First prepare 2 bathing containers (e.g. Tupperware or similar) with tank water. Mix 1 ml of Coral Clean per 100 ml of aquarium water into one of these containers. The second container serves as an intermediate bath to rinse off iodine residues.

Now you can dip your new corals for 10-15 min in the bath container with Coral Clean. While doing so, gently (!) sway the coral back and forth under water to shake off weakened parasites. After the dip, transfer the coral briefly into the intermediate bath to remove adhering iodine residues. Afterwards the coral can be fixed at a desired place in your reef tank.

What else can I do to prevent parasites, pests and infections?
Many parasites are not necessarily found on the coral itself, but mainly on the frag plug, dead tissue or the substrate on which it is attached. Therefore, inspect these and the underside of the coral closely and remove any attached clutches or worms with a brush or small knife. In addition, a stable and good water quality protects against infection outbreaks, because well nourished and little stressed corals are generally more resistant to diseases. Furthermore, the introduction of natural predators of typical pests such as Lysmata shrimp or dragonets prevent uncontrolled reproduction of aiptasia, planaria & Co.


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