Tropic Marin Elimi-Aiptas

Art.Nr. 52-007-243442

For the removal of aiptasia, manjanos & co.

Elimi-Aiptas contains a weak alkaline solution, which can be applied or injected specifically on Aiptasia. These then begin to decompose and can be quickly removed.

Fields of application:

  • in case of aiptasia or manjano infestation
  • as sole control agent in case of few aiptasia
  • as a supporting measure next to natural predators in case of intensive infestation

Contents: 50 ml; syringe included.

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Tropic Marin Elimi-Aiptas - Recommendation for use
First switch off the flow pumps. Then draw up Elimi-Aiptas with the enclosed syringe. Now inject a small fraction of the syringe content into aiptasia of your choice. It will now begin to decompose. Wait a few minutes before turning the flow back on or siphoning off the remains.

Elimi-Aiptas can damage corals on contact, so handle with care. Avoid removing too many aiptasia at once (no more than 5 per 100 liters).

Rinse the injection needle with clean water after treatment. This way you can reuse it without any problems.

What else can I do to prevent an aiptasia infestation?

To reduce the risk of an aiptasia pest from the outset, you can take various precautionary measures. On the one hand, examine every newly acquired rock and coral frag carefully. For example, if an aiptasia only sits on the edge of the frag plug, you can simply snap off the part with pliers. In addition, aiptasia reproduce particularly well if a lot of powdered food is added to the aquarium. If you have a problem with aiptasia, change your feeding to soluble or direct food.


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